• Chairman
  • Vice chairman
    • Standing Committee
      • Planning and General Affairs Committee
      • Industry and Construction Committee
      • Council Steering Committee
    • Special Committee

Organizational Structure

  • Council consists of 1 chairperson, 1 vice chairperson and 3 standing committees and a special committee may be set up if necessary.

Chairperson / Vice chairperson

  • The chairperson and the vice chairperson are elected for a 2-year term by anonymous votes among the council members.
  • The chairperson represents the council, takes charge of council proceedings, maintains order during meetings and oversees council affairs.
  • The vice chairperson acts for the chairperson when the chairperson is not available.

Standing Committee

  • The council is composed of 3 committees, namely, the Planning & General affairs Committee, the Industry & Construction Committee and the Council Operations Committee.

Special Committee

  • For the temporary deliberation and processing of special agendas, a budget & settlement committee and other special committees may be constituted according to their purpose.